Percussion workshops for everyone

The workshops are a real hands-on experience allowing the participant to learn an instrument or two according to the duration of the workshop. The range of instrument brought to a workshop goes from a small African hand held shaker to a big Brazilian bass drums!


Each workshop can be tailored according to the age group and abilities.


Drumming is an inclusive and interactive way to learn music, learn a skill and work as a group while having fun and feeling energised!

AfroBrazilian Percussion for National & Secondary Schools

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Drumming session specially tailored to suits any school's requirements.


Each participant receive an instrument, will learn how to use it, learn how to play their part, learn how to listen to each other & learn how to play music together.


For Primary Schools, workshops are designed to complement the music curriculum, listening & responding and performing; the composing aspect can be also covered in longer workshops.


For secondary level, workshops are focused on interplay and interaction within the group. Workshops duration varies according to school's timetable.

Transition Years workshops can last from 1h to a whole day covering rhythm from various part of the world with discussion on history and social impact of music with multimedia support from around the world.


Most workshops last from 1to2h and manage to get the group playing a piece of music together within 30 to 40mn.

A workshop can cater for up to 30 pupils.

Small schools can avail to an all level session including all pupils from junior infant to 6th class. Workshop duration 1h.


Family Fun!


Bring the whole family together with beats, groove and laughter!


Special drumming session to get the kids, mum, dad and granny to be in a band!


Everybody gets to play an instrument and create a piece of music that will top up to charts for sure!


Ideal activity for community groups, festival and even birthday party if the living room is big enough! 

Family Fun day, Samba band for everyone, SambaStef drumming workshops
SambaStef Conga hand drum open & slap hand drumming classes

Afro Brazilian Hand Drumming


Drumming session designed to introduce hand techniques for Conga drums.


The conga drum is one of the most challenging hand drum coming from Brazil & Cuba.

The wide range of sound and shapes can be expolred over the course of one evening or several sessions.


Each participant receive a conga and will learn how to play the basic sounds of the drum.

The session will then move on to study polyphonic rhythms from Brazil with 3 conga voices and other small percussion such as claves, cowbell, caxixi (small shaker) and cata (piece of woOd or bamboo) all supporting of a folklorick song.


Corporate Team Building


Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries: personal, organisational or cultural.


Each individual brings their unique sound into the mix to create a one-of-kind percussive orchestra – one that wouldn’t be the same without all of the people who are taking part.

This is truly a case of unity through diversity.

Through the universal expression of music and rhythm, your organisation will discover that the whole is greater than the sum of all its individual parts.


Each event is customised to the clients needs.

SambaStef Surdo Corporate Team building ice breaker activity drumming for all stress release
SambaStef junk percussion upcycling recycled music drumming workshops
SambaStef junk percussion upcycling recycled music drumming workshops

Junk Percussion


Drumming session using recycling & everyday items.


Each participant brings an items (buckets, pots & pans), will learn how to use it as an instrument within the group, learn how to play their part, learn how to listen to each other & learn how to play music together.


Most workshops manage to get the group playing a piece of music together within 30 to 40mn.